Python, Reportlabs, Pil and Windows 7 (64bit)

Astley Le Jasper astley.lejasper at
Thu Mar 11 14:55:56 CET 2010

I have a Windows 7 (64bit AMD) machine and am having quite a lot of
problems installing Reportlabs and Pil. I wondered if anyone else has
had the same issues and what the best way of dealing with it.

So far I've tried:

1. Reportlabs / Pil 32 installers - I've tried using these but they
can't find python. I also tried registering Python (
zone/python-register.htm) but this also fails.
2. Reportlabs / Pil Source - I downloaded each of these and tried to
do a "python install". However, both complain that they can't
find "vcvarsall.bat". I've done some checking and it's because the
compiler isn't present. Everyone is suggesting downloading Visual
Studio Express C++, but this only comes with the 32bit compiler. There
seems to be quite a lot of work to get 64bit VSE working on a 64bit
machine (

But before I start down that path, I wondered if anyone had any advice
(.... and no I don't mean suggesting I swap to Linux).


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