Anything like "Effective Java" for Python?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Thu Mar 11 15:24:13 CET 2010

James Harris, 11.03.2010 09:30:
> On 10 Mar, 15:19, kj<no.em... at>  wrote:
>> Subject line pretty much says it all: is there a book like "Effective
>> Java" for Python.  I.e. a book that assumes that readers are
>> experienced programmers that already know the basics of the language,
>> and want to focus on more advanced programming issues?
> I don't know about the Java book you mention but I find Python in a
> Nutshell published by O'Reilly to be a good reference.

There's also the Python Cookbook that has a couple of useful recipes that 
can become handy at times.


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