sqlite savepoint problem [solved]

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at shopzeus.com
Fri Mar 12 11:12:39 CET 2010

>> #1. By using isolation_level = None, connection objects (used as a 
>> context manager) WON'T automatically commit or rollback transactions.
>> #2. Using any isolation level, connection objects WON'T automatically 
>> begin a transaction.
>> #3. Possibly, include your connection manager class code, to show how to 
>> do it "the expected" way.
>> Also one should clarify in the documentation, what isolation_level does. 
>> Looks like setting isolation_level to None is not really an "auto commit 
>> mode". It is not even part of sqlite itself. It is part of the python 
>> extension.
> I think of it as almost the opposite - you have to set
> isolation_level=None to get the unadulterated behaviour of the
> underlying sqlite library. 
> I'm sure the devs would appreciate a documentation patch (submission
> details at http://python.org/dev/patches/).  I'm also pretty confident
> that I won't have time to do one up anytime soon :-)
Patch submitted.


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