Anything like "Effective Java" for Python?

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Fri Mar 12 21:36:35 CET 2010

Gabriel Rossetti <gabriel.rossetti at> writes:

> kj wrote:
>> Subject line pretty much says it all: is there a book like "Effective
>> Java" for Python.  I.e. a book that assumes that readers are
>> experienced programmers that already know the basics of the language,
>> and want to focus on more advanced programming issues?
> Effective Java is a good book, it is not like most people responding
> to this topic a "how to program in Java"

I had more the feeling that these responses were more of the "Look, you
actually need a book to learn how to program effectively in Java
*snigger*" fanboism.

> book but a "I know how to program in Python, but I want it to run fast
> and use a minimal amount of memory".
> I would have liked to have such a book for Python when I was past the
> language learning stage.

High Performance Python by Anthony Lewis (Author), et al. (*snigger*!)

might be such a book but we have to wait a few more months:
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (September 15, 2010)
(It has been on my wish list for several months)

To the OP: right now, Dive into Python is clearly written with people
who have experience with programming in mind. I've both the Python 2 and
Python 3 version (books). You can download a version of each for free:

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