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Sat Mar 13 14:45:06 CET 2010


> do you of an alternate compilter it doesn't work (py2exe) on my windows 7 box

I can assure you that Py2exe does work on Windows 7 (my firm develops
commercial Python applications packaged using Py2exe running on Windows
7), but it does take a bit of fiddling and some patience. Join the
py2exe newsgroup and post your problems there.

You may also want to google 'Gui2exe'. This is a free front-end to
Py2exe that you can use to generate your Py2exe scripts. Note
that Gui2exe requires wxPython (free) to run.

Finally, make sure you are trying to compile 32-bit Python 2.x code. I
don't think py2exe supports Python 3.x or 64-bit versions of Python yet.

> Nope; py2exe is pretty much the go-to tool for this.

I hear great things about PyInstaller. The project is not dead - make
sure you use the latest version in the SVN.

Search for positive feedback and tips on PyInstaller.
Its on our plate to take a good look this product 'one of these days'.

Good luck!


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