Some PyCon videos won't play

Niels L. Ellegaard niels.ellegaard at
Sun Mar 14 09:36:24 CET 2010

Lee Harr <missive at> writes:

> I am having a great time watching videos from PyCon. Thanks to
> everyone who presented, and to those who did such a great job
> putting the videos up at:
> My trouble is that, although most of the videos play perfectly,
> there are a few that refuse to play at all. Like:

I also had problems playing some of the videos (using gnash), but if you
press "files and links", then you can download the talk as an ogv
file. Furthermore provides an rss-feed with ogv-files for
each channel on their site.

Thanks to the pycon people for putting all their nice videos on the web.


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