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vsoler wrote:
> I am working on a script that reads data from an excel workbook. The
> data is located in a named range whose first row contains the headers.
> It works!!!  I find it superb that python is able to do such things!!!
> Now my questions.
> a. My ranges can in practice be quite big, and although I am happy
> with the speed I get, because I am learning python, I think I could do
> it still a bit better. I think that the line   for i in matriz[1:]:
> could be improved with an iterator/generator, but I am not quite
> certain how I should proceed.
> b. the following lines could be improved by means of a defaultdict,
> that I know because of a previous post. However you may come up with
> some other ideas (this b. question is not my main concern, you may
> discard it if you find the post too long)
>         if i[a] and not(i[a] in g) and i[b]:
>             g[i[a]] = i[b]
>         elif i[a] and (i[a] in g) and i[b]:
>             g[i[a]] += i[b]
> Can anybody provide some hints?  Thank you for your cooperation.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> +
> import win32com.client as win32
> def agrupar(matriz, c1, c2):
>     a, b = matriz[0].index(c1), matriz[0].index(c2)
>     g = {}
>     for i in matriz[1:]:
>         if i[a] and not(i[a] in g) and i[b]:
>             g[i[a]] = i[b]
>         elif i[a] and (i[a] in g) and i[b]:
>             g[i[a]] += i[b]
>     for k in g:
>         print '%-50s     %15d' % (k, g[k])
> # Abrir fichero excel
> xl = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Excel.Application')
> ##xl.Visible = True
> wb=xl.Workbooks.Open(r'C:\Users\Vicente\Documents\VS\Python
> \Presupuesto fijos 10YP 2011-2020 V0.xls')
> # Obtención de datos
> datos=wb.Names('Datos').RefersToRange()
> print
> agrupar(datos, u'NomCC', u'BGT-09')
> # Cerrar libro de trabajo
> wb.Close()
> print

Before you go too far down this road (and congratulations, by the way,
on having achieved what you already have!) you might like to consider
the xlrd, xlwt and xlutils modules.

Not only are they easy to use, they are also (I believe) cross-platform
and do not require Excel to be loaded on the machine running the programs.

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