subtraction is giving me a syntax error

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Tue Mar 16 21:12:29 CET 2010

On 2010-03-16, Vito 'ZeD' De Tullio < at> wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>> As for not being able to see the difference between a hyphen and an
>>> EN- dash, or minus sign, or whatever it is, yes but they are very
>>> similar looking glyphs in virtually ever modern font. It would take a
>>> good eye to see the difference between (say) ??? ??? and -.
>> My point is that if it's an ASCII file,
> source files aren't (necessary) ASCII files

OK, if it's a file with encoding <whatever>, then characters that
aren't part of <whatever> shouldn't be rendered according so some
other arbitrary character set.  Illegal characters should be flagged
and displayed in a manner that makes it obvious you have illegal
characters in in the file.

If the OP was using a source file with an encoding that isn't accepted
by Python, then he needs to pick a source file encoding that is
recognized by Python.

Using a source file encoding where there are semantically _different_
characters that render identically is just asking for pain...

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