How to handle file uploads with http.server

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Thanks Gabriel

Yep, that looks like the same one. 



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> I have a basic http.server instance running (class 
> HTTPHandler(http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler), with python 3.1, and 
> I would like to upload files with multipart forms.
> def do_POST(self):
> 	ctype, pdict = cgi.parse_header(self.headers['Content-Type'])
> 	if ctype=='multipart/form-data':
> 		print('parsing...')
> 		query=cgi.parse_multipart(self.rfile, pdict)
> 		print(query)
> However the file never seems to finish being parsed. There are no 
> errors, but the call hangs at: query=cgi.parse_multipart(self.rfile, 
> pdict)

This may be related to this bug:

reported last week by Mitchell L. Model in this thread:

Gabriel Genellina


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