Castrated traceback in sys.exc_info()

Pakal chambon.pascal at
Wed Mar 17 11:42:44 CET 2010


I've just realized recently that sys.exc_info() didn't return a full
traceback for exception concerned : it actually only contains the
frame below the point of exception catching.

That's very annoying to me, because I planned to log such tracebacks
with logging.critical(*****, exc_info=True), and these partial
tracebacks, like the one below, are clearly unsufficient to determine
where the problem comes from. A whole traceback, from program entry
point to exception raising point, would be much better.

2010-03-17 09:28:59,184 - pims - CRITICAL - This is just a test to
ensure critical emails are properly sent
Traceback (most recent call last):
<< HERE, lots of frames missing >>
  File "", line 34, in test_email_sending"qsdsdqsdsdqsd", "r")
TypeError: an integer is required

Is there any workaround for this ? I've thought about a custom logging
formatter, which would take both the exc_info traceback AND its own
full backtrace, and to connect them together on their relevant part,
but it's awkward and error prone... why can't we just have all the
precious traceback info under the hand there (an additional attribute
might have pointed the precise frame in which the exception was

Tanks for the attention,

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