question about tkinter

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Wed Mar 17 14:00:32 CET 2010

robert schaefer wrote:

>  This is my first posting to this list so please be gentle -
>  I am new to python and am using it on red-hat linux (I am new to that
>  too). I am responsible for installing open source packages (including
>  python) onto a distributed system of linux boxes.
>  My question is, on python version 2.6.2 tkinter refuses to install.

Does it say "I'm sorry Bob, I'm afraid I can't do this"?

>  Without tkinter, I cannot use Idle.
>  I looked at the install/configure script and hacked it a bit, but every
>  fix only caused new problems.
>  There are serious issues with that script for  finding necessary
>  libraries.

If there are serious problems you have to give some details.

However, if in the past a newbie had problems with Tkinter support on linux 
the most frequent problem was that the Tcl/Tk development libraries weren't 
installed. I don't know how those are called on Red Hat, maybe something 


Did you install these before running the configure script?


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