Special characters (^M & ^[[D) when I read pxssh::before and write it to a file

ashwini yal ashwiniyal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 14:54:18 CET 2010


I am writing a python script which logs into the machine using pxssh, sends
a command, reads the response and writes the response to the file.

But, when I open the file in the editor like vi, its showing special
characters like ^M and ^[[D instead of spaces or newlines.

This is how my code looks like ...

s = pxssh.pxssh()
s.login(ip, username, password)

cmd = 'xyz'
s.sendline (cmd)
output = s.before
fileWrite = open(filePath , 'wb')

This is how my filePath looks like when I open it using vi editor.

Starting command execution on host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


Command executed successfully ^M

Executing next command ...^M

Regards ,
Ashwini . K
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