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Most of my life has been dealing with recalcitrant HAL's in one guise or another.  
These days, I think HAL has permanently taken up residence in Toyota's engine and brakes.
"Stop the car Dave? Have you changed my oil or even washed me lately?"
Some serious "sneak paths" are going on.

Anyway -

tkinter is in two parts:
  1. a python wrapper 
  2. c code

Both are present in the 2.6.2 python download.
It appears to be a "I can't find the library" path problem not a file existence problem.

1. gcc can't find the libraries that tkinter c code links to ( I could fix that)
2. the python installer can't find all the library paths to all the pieces
    - I started fixing this, then determined it would be easier to rewrite from scratch than patch.
      That is, the given method of building paths in the script are way off from reality, not just an
      add this one path and everything will now work kind of magic.
      I felt that the "official" python people would have an easier time of this - so gave up.


On Mar 17, 2010, at 9:00 AM, Peter Otten wrote:

> robert schaefer wrote:
>> This is my first posting to this list so please be gentle -
>> I am new to python and am using it on red-hat linux (I am new to that
>> too). I am responsible for installing open source packages (including
>> python) onto a distributed system of linux boxes.
>> My question is, on python version 2.6.2 tkinter refuses to install.
> Does it say "I'm sorry Bob, I'm afraid I can't do this"?
>> Without tkinter, I cannot use Idle.
>> I looked at the install/configure script and hacked it a bit, but every
>> fix only caused new problems.
>> There are serious issues with that script for  finding necessary
>> libraries.
> If there are serious problems you have to give some details.
> However, if in the past a newbie had problems with Tkinter support on linux 
> the most frequent problem was that the Tcl/Tk development libraries weren't 
> installed. I don't know how those are called on Red Hat, maybe something 
> like
> tcl*-dev.rpm
> Did you install these before running the configure script?
> Peter
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