question about tkinter

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Wed Mar 17 14:59:40 CET 2010

robert schaefer wrote:

> tkinter is in two parts:
> 1. a python wrapper
> 2. c code
> Both are present in the 2.6.2 python download.
> It appears to be a "I can't find the library" path problem not a file
> existence problem.
> 1. gcc can't find the libraries that tkinter c code links to ( I could fix
> that) 2. the python installer can't find all the library paths to all the
> pieces - I started fixing this, then determined it would be easier to
> rewrite from scratch than patch. That is, the given method of building
> paths in the script are way off from reality, not just an add this one
> path and everything will now work kind of magic. I felt that the
> "official" python people would have an easier time of this - so gave up.

Just to exclude the simple problems (unfortunately I can't help you with the 
hard ones): Are the tcl development packages installed on your system?


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