Python, Reportlabs, Pil and Windows 7 (64bit)

DreiJane 1 at
Thu Mar 18 15:24:52 CET 2010


i've used reportlabs over two years now and was content with its
quality. These days i have turned to cairo and can only recommend to
do so: It is still easier to use (than the well-designed reportlabs
tools) and an engine working in a lot of other software too, for
example firefox.

Reasons for this: reportlabs do not even answer question about the
date to upgrade to Python3. Since Platypus isn't complete, i had to do
a lot with the primitves in the canvas object after all - that part of
my code got even shorter with cairo. For me - working with pygtk -
that spares two installations also.

To repear myself: I love cairo.

Regards, Joost

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