sqlite3, memory db and multithreading

DreiJane 1 at depikt.net
Thu Mar 18 15:49:29 CET 2010


i cannot help you directly with sqlite2 in the Standardlib, since i am
used to work with Roger Binns's apsw. After a short experiment with
pysqlite leading to data loss - caused by one of the unclearer
exception messages of sqlite3 and me having a bad day - i at once
turned back to apsw. And so far i haven't done much with threads.

Principally sqlite connections (sqlite3 objects in the C-API) can be
used over multiple threads - and connections to :memory: make no
difference. There are additional parameters to open() giving fine-
tuned control. And apsw is promising a true reflection of sqlite's C-

Regards, Joost

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