Install 2.6.4 as non-admin on Windows

eglyph at eglyph at
Thu Mar 18 16:23:44 CET 2010

On 18 мар, 16:45, Mark Carter <alt.mcar... at> wrote:
> How do I install python 2.6.4 on Windows without admin privileges?
> Can I install it on a machine I control, zip up the contents, copy it
> across to an admin-restricted machine, and set up a couple of
> environemtn variables? Does python install files to system
> directories, making this impossible?

The only file written to a system folder is python2x.dll (I think it's
not true for python2.6 any longer), so your approach is perfectly
valid if you can put this dll into a folder where it can be found by
the system.

PortablePython does this almost the same.

regards, eGlyph

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