did anybody play with python and window mobile broadband?

News123 news1234 at free.fr
Thu Mar 18 20:29:37 CET 2010

Hi Sanjiva,

Sanjiva P. wrote:
> On 03/18/2010 10:20 AM, News123 wrote:
>> I'm looking for examples:
>> - how to connect/disconnect  a mobile broadband device (currently I use
>> rasdial. not sure it's the best solution)
>> - to obtain the device's current mode (GPRS / EDGE / . . . )
>> - to obtain the current signal level
>> Thanks a lot for any pointers
> Well no examples,but most or all of it should work through AT commands.
Thanks, yes AT commands would be fine.
How can I send AT commands, while another application / connection
mnager is using the modem?

I just don't know how to send AT commands to a connected modem.

> Did you try plugging the mobile broadband interface in?

What do you mean with pluggging in?

or something else?



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