sqlite3, memory db and multithreading

królewna królewna at ee.pl
Fri Mar 19 11:55:57 CET 2010

W dniu 18.03.2010 15:49, DreiJane pisze:

> Principally sqlite connections (sqlite3 objects in the C-API) can be
> used over multiple threads - and connections to :memory: make no
> difference. There are additional parameters to open() giving fine-
> tuned control. And apsw is promising a true reflection of sqlite's C-
> API.

It's my fault not saying what am I using to connect to sqlite db. It's 
sqlite3 module. So there is no open() function etc. As for now I'm not 
interested in rewriting my program to use apsw so is there any possible 
way of working this out with sqlite3?

best regards

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