sqlite3, memory db and multithreading

królewna królewna at ee.pl
Fri Mar 19 07:24:11 EDT 2010

W dniu 19.03.2010 12:10, Tim Golden pisze:
> Is it possible you've misunderstood the meaning of the word "serialize"
> here?
It's not possible, it just happened :)

> What's being suggested isn't serialising (ie marshalling, pickling)
> the data; rather, serialising the *access*, ie pushing all db requests into
> a queue which is read by one thread which manages the only db connection.

That would make structure of program much more complicated. I would have 
to create queue for putting there queries and some other extra 
variables/structure to receive output from db and some more for 
controlling the execution flow of awaiting threads.
best regards

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