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Aahz wrote:
> In article <mailman.555.1268232321.23598.python-list at>,
> John Posner  <jjposner at> wrote:
>> Bruno (and anyone else interested) --
>> As I promised/threatened, here's the *start* of a write-up on 
>> properties, aimed at non-advanced Python programmers:
> I'm interested, but not interested enough to download a PDF and fire up
> a PDF reader.  Are you really using features that require PDF instead of
> just writing a web page?

For us standard browser users it's a single click, of course.

Are you really forced to use an environment that can't start a PDF
reader by clicking on a link?

I appreciate that some people are disabled in ways that rule out reading
a PDF, but since John has gone to some personal trouble to write this
document he's surely entitled to choose his medium ...

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