Best practise for dual stack programming in python

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Mar 22 03:39:44 CET 2010

On 3/21/2010 8:12 PM, Jimmy Stewpot wrote:
> Hello,
> The organisation that I currently work for has a large number of
> 'legacy' tools and scripts which rely entirely on IPv4. Many of them
> have been written and not documented etc. The organisation is in the
> process of moving to a dual stack environment over the next 3 months.
> With that in mind many of our scripts need to be rewritten and
> documented. I have been looking at moving from a mix of languages
> over to a standard which at this point is looking like it will be
> Python (because I am most familiar with it). I have never done any
> dual stack coding so I am interested to know if there are any good
> resources for developing dual stack python code? I have had a look
> around and have found very little on the python web page which makes
> me worry. Does anyone have any recommendations on web pages to read
> or books to look at?

There are at least 2 ip address libraries which handle both ip4 and ip6. 
One is Google's package,
I forget the name of the other, which covers a bit more than the above 
with a slightly different conceptual model. Would these help.

Terry Jan Reedy

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