RELEASED Python 2.6.5

peter at peter at
Tue Mar 23 15:38:20 CET 2010

Thank you everyone for all the work that went into this update, but there may be
a small problem with the Windows x86 installer.

I've built and used python 2.6.5 on linux without any apparent problems, but the
Windows x86 binary installer stops after compiling a few python source files.

I've tried the Windows x86 installer on two differently configured Windows XP
PCs (SP3 with patches), but I get the following errors during the advanced
compiling of python source files:

"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program run as part
of the setup did not finish as expected.  Contact your support personnel or
package vendor."

"Python 2.6.5 Installer ended prematurely ..."

The md5sum of the Windows x86 installer matched the published value.  I did not
try not using the advanced option.  I reinstalled python 2.6.4 on both of the
PCs without any problems and used the advanced compile option.

Is anyone else having trouble with the 2.6.5 Windows x86 installer?


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