Programmatically discovering encoding types supported by codecs module

Benjamin Kaplan benjamin.kaplan at
Wed Mar 24 18:18:32 CET 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 12:17 PM,  <python at> wrote:
> Is there a way to programmatically discover the encoding types supported by
> the codecs module?
> For example, the following link shows a table with Codec, Aliases, and
> Language columns.
> I'm looking for a way to programmatically generate this table through some
> form of module introspection.
> Ideas?
> Malcolm
> --

According to my brief messing around with the REPL,
encodings.aliases.aliases is a good place to start. I don't know of
any way to get the Language column, but at the very least that will
give you most of the supported encodings and any aliases they have.

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