ANN: Pymazon 0.1.1 Released

Chris Colbert sccolbert at
Thu Mar 25 17:23:47 CET 2010

I'm happy to announce the release of Pymazon 0.1.1!

This release brings a big enhancement in the form of PyGtk support in
addition to the PyQt4 and Command line interfaces already available.
A special thanks to Ray Meyers for his gtk commits!

Pymazon Changelog

- Added support for command line options and configuration file
- Added support for save name templates
- Added a threaded downloader which runs a user-specified simultaneous
threads when in gui mode
- Added a PyGtk Gui (Submitted by Raymond Myers)
- Rewrote the QT Gui with Qt Designer and pyuic4 - this simplified and
cleaned up a bunch of stuff
- Added graphical progress bars to the Gui's
- Removed a check that asserted the downloaded file size was the same as
specified in the amz file
  as Amazon was misreporting file size and it was causing Pymazon to
erroneously fail
- Cleaned up code all over the place: logging, settings, etc...

Pymazon is available in the cheeseshop and google code.

Pymazon is a Python implemented downloader for the amazon mp3 store.

You can read more about Pymazon at

I always appreciate comments and bug reports.


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