Automatic import ?

C. B. nocbos at
Fri Mar 26 02:03:58 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm currently coding a C library which provides several modules and

Let's say that some of these objects are classes called AAA and BBB.
The constructor of AAA needs to get BBB as argument.

So I can run the following code :

from mymodule import AAA
from mymodule import BBB

a = AAA(BBB()))

But, as there is no case where AAA can be used without BBB, I would
like to avoid importing BBB in my Python scripts when I already import

For now, I think that reproducing the behavior of the file
could be a good way to do this, but how can I code that using only the

Are there any other solutions ? Is this kind of importation a good
idea ?

Cyrille Bagard

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