Any examples/documentation for python-newt

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Sat Mar 27 15:44:23 CET 2010

On 2010-03-27, Harishankar <v.harishankar at> wrote:
> I am writing a fairly featureful TUI in python and I figured newt is the 
> best lightweight TUI which actually offers widgets. curses is low level 
> and its text editing capabilities are poor while UIs like urwid and stfl 
> too complex for simple programs like the ones I am creating.
> Could anybody point me to at least a decent example program in newt/snack 
> and I don't mean or Something that at least shows 
> how to create a basic menu-driven program in the command line with a main 
> menu and implementing several sub menus. Also a bit of explanation of the 
> behaviour of OK and Cancel buttons in standard forms would be of help.
> So anybody uses newt? Or have people stopped using text based UIs 
> completely?

I've used it for some trivial stuff, but not for anything very
sophisticated.  Redhat's text-mode installer program (anaconda) was
written in Python using Newt (I believe it is why Newt was invented).
That's probably the most "full featured" example I know of.


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