Jython as an alternative to Python

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Mon Mar 29 20:02:04 CEST 2010

Tim Johnson wrote:
> FYI: I've used python for years primarily on *nix platforms and
> primarily for web programming. I'm considering studying a scripting
> language that uses and accesses java. My first obvious choice would by
> jython. The following questions could probably be answered by pointers
> to previous discussions, docs or blogs.
> 1)What can jython *do* that cannot be done by python.
Import Java classes and instantiate them, calling their methods from Python.

> 2)What is the current state of jython as a development community?
>   I.E. is it being upgraded, updated etc.
It's currently just about at 2.6, and the developers are committed to a
port to 3.x (probably 3.2, I suspect) but haven't yet committed to a
timescale. Two of the main developers have just started work at Sauce
Labs, and this may affect their availability.

> 3)Is the jython community "bound to" the python community?
>   I.E. I don't think python is going to "go away", what happens if
> 	jython development "stalls".
The PSF has already once provided a grant to keep Jython moving forward
when it looked like it might stall. I don't know whether this is
inevitable in the future, but *I* think Jython should be kept in the

> 4)If someone in this community would consider a java scripting language
> other than jython, what would it be? And why?

> 5)Are there issues installing and deploying jython on shared webservers?
>   I.E. Assuming that a dedicated server is one that I have full access to and
> 	can install what I please, and a shared server would not afford me
> 	such access; is there any trend for "server farms" to install jython?

I don't know. A survey of Python-friendly hosting companies would be
useful. You could use


as a starting point, and publish the data you discover.

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