decorators only when __debug__ == True

LX lxkain at
Tue Mar 30 02:54:26 CEST 2010

Hi all, I have a question about decorators. I would like to use them
for argument checking, and pre/post conditions. However, I don't want
the additional overhead when I run in non-debug mode. I could do
something like this, using a simple trace example.

def pass_decorator(f, *args, **kw): # what about the slow-down that
incurs when using pass_decorator?
    return f(*args, **kw)

def trace_decorator(f, *args, **kw):
    print "calling %s with args %s, %s" % (f.func_name, args, kw)
    return f(*args, **kw)

trace_enable_flag = False #__debug__
trace = trace_decorator if trace_enable_flag else pass_decorator

Trouble is, there is still an additional encapsulating function call.
Is there any way to eliminate the extra function call altogether?
Thanks in advance!

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