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Delaney, Timothy (Tim) tdelaney at
Tue Mar 30 01:35:43 CEST 2010

Gabriel Genellina write:

> En Sun, 28 Mar 2010 21:58:07 -0300, Delaney, Timothy (Tim) <tdelaney at> escribió:
>>> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
>>>> Alan Harris-Reid <aharrisreid at> escribió:
>>>>> Using Python 3.1, I sometimes use the super() function to call the 
>>>>> equivalent method from a parent class, for example
>>>>> def mymethod(self):
>>>>>     super().mymethod()
>>>>>     some more code...
>>>> This recipe does what you want:
>> If you think the pure-python version of the recipe is complicated, you 
>> should have a look at the performance-optimised Pyrex version ;)
> Where can we look at it? The link in the activestate recipe does not work anymore :(

You're right - I've changed ISPs. I'll have to find somewhere else to upload it and change the link. Can't do it today unfortunately.

Tim Delaney

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