How many packages there are in PyPI

John Nagle nagle at
Tue Mar 30 20:24:05 CEST 2010

Joaquin Abian wrote:
> Hi,
> PyPI is reaching the 10000 package figure (In the case of 3.x only
> about 140 packages and increasing very very slowly).
> Looking at available packages for 3.x I observed that some packages
> are listed several times. For example, lxml is listed 5 times.
> Are these repetitions included in the package count? If yes, just out
> of curiosity, somebody knows what the actual number of different
> packages in the PyPI reservoir is?
> Joaquin.

    There aren't that many packages "in" PyPI. It's more of a directory than
a repository.  And some of the links are dead.

    I just tried "Dejavu", which only has a link to "". That
subdomain is dead.  "" is some kind of religious organization.

					John Nagle

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