Sometimes the python shell cannot recognize the presence of an attribute.

Justin Park hp6 at
Wed Mar 31 00:57:37 CEST 2010

Sorry, my mistake.

The real problem is this.
When I started working on the package, somehow all of indentations were
made by space-bars instead of using tabs.
But when I am implementing my own on top of it, I still use tabs to make

This is causing a problem.
I have to either conform to their style and change all my tabs to the
space-bars making up those spaces,
or change all indentations in the previous implementations by tabs.
But both the previous implementations and what I am going to do are also
so large that either way is not going to be efficient.

What can I do in order to resolve this issue?


Justin Park wrote:
> Sometimes when I am working on an already generated package,
> the python shell cannot perceive the presence of an attribute that I
> implemented on top of what was there.
> Is there a way to have it perceive newly created attributes?
> Thanks,
> Justin.

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