Python + OpenOffice Calc

Tracubik affdfsdfdsfsd at
Wed Mar 31 09:47:32 CEST 2010

Hi all!
i'm giving away to a friend of mine that have a garage (he repair car) my 
old computer. He will use it essentialy to create estimates of the work 
via an ods file (i've made a simple ods file to be filled with the cost of 
materials and a description of the work).
He's totally new with computer and have difficult to fill the ods file, so 
i'ld like to create a simple python program that help him to introduce the 
data in to the ods file via a simple gui.
So what i'm looking for is a way in python to insert data in a particular 
cell of the ods file and possibly to save it and print it when it's full 
filled with data.

the guy is similar to this:

3 fields: quantity - description of the piece bought - price

a way to add a new "line" if needed (for a new piece entry) similar to the 
"add rule" in evolution

1 text field for the description of the work + 1 field for the price of 
the work

and off course a way to insert this data in to the ods file via python

Any hints/tutorial/info?


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