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On 2010-11-02, Emile van Sebille <emile at> wrote:
> What is right is that there's no question that quux is subsequent to baz 
> in all cases barring exceptions (and assuming no tabs intermixed)

Yes, but that doesn't mean it does what the programmer intended, just
that it does what it does.

> The apparent structure in python _is_ the structure, whereas otherwise 
> you've got to count your ;'s and {}'s etc to determine and verify the 
> structure matches the apparent structure provided by the programmer.


I understand this.

However, I have probably seen all of two or three bugs ever related to
mis-indented C, and I've had various things screw up or wreck indentation
on dozens of occasions.  Being able to recover has been nice.  (So's being
able to use fence matching to jump to the other end of a block.)

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