Man pages and info pages

Jason Earl jearl at
Wed Nov 3 19:22:18 CET 2010

On Wed, Nov 03 2010, rustom wrote:

> On Nov 3, 3:11 pm, Daniel da Silva <ddasi... at> wrote:
>> Guys, this really has nothing to do with python.
> ?? python docs have nothing to do with python??  python docs by
> default on linux are read with info and many seem to find info
> unpleasant to use.

Actually, the Python documentation is no longer available in info
format.  Which is unfortunate, as that was the documentation format that
I personally preferred.

> Myself an old emacs user and cant say info helps me as much as google.
> However comparing info and man is also a bit strange.  The printed
> python docs come to several thousand pages.  Do we want them to be 1
> manpage? a hundred? a thousand?

I am pretty conversant with the Python documentation.  I almost never
need to search them.  I do miss being able to read (and search) the
documentation in my editor though.


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