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Thu Nov 4 02:49:43 CET 2010

Jed Smith <jed at jedsmith.org> wrote in message-id:  <mailman.567.1288801234.2218.python-list at python.org>

> On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 4:02 AM, John Bond <lists at asd-group.com> wrote:
> > My normal inbox is getting unmanageable, and I think I need to find a new way
> > of following this and other lists.
> I have to second (or third) the Gmail suggestion. I use Google Apps
> against my domain, and the Gmail interface is frightfully good at
> creating filters. For example, on most lists (particularly Mailman), I
> can hit "Filter messages like this", and Gmail automatically harvests
> the List header and writes a filter for it.
> I just prefer the Gmail philosophy to mail, with tags that are *like*
> folders but not really.

Just in case the client may not display the headers, fyi:

If gmail is what you used to post this reply then your client is broken somewhat.

Your client did not post using a well-formed references header and so your
post may/should not be grouped properly with the OP.

Here is what your client determined the references to be, you will se it has
no reference to the original posting.

  References: <loom.20101103T090016-344 at post.gmane.org>

Below is a reply from someone using a well crafted client, this reply is certain to be
organized by other clients in the same thread:

  References: <mailman.549.1288777507.2218.python-list at python.org> <mailman.556.1288785489.2218.python-list at python.org> <87r5f2wr7t.fsf at rudin.co.uk> <iarmmi$qec$4 at reader1.panix.com>

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