subprocess.Popen not replacing current process?

goodman goodman.m.w at
Thu Nov 4 09:22:09 CET 2010

Note: Our server is a Linux machine, but we're restricted to Python

Hi, I'm wondering why subprocess.Popen does not seem to replace the
current process, even when it uses os.execvp (according to the
Specifically, when I try to kill a spawned process with Ctrl-C, the
SIGINT does not seem to be sent to the spawned process.

Some background: I have a Python script that calls shell scripts or
commands. It does not need to regain control after calling these
scripts or commands, so up to now I've been using an os.exec* command.
It seems the subprocess module is the recommended way for spawning
processes, but in this case perhaps it's better I stick with os.exec*?
I've seen plenty of discussion about catching KeyboardInterrupt in the
parent process and then manually killing the child, but (1) I can't
use Popen.kill() on Python 2.4, and (2) this level of process
management seems like overkill (pardon the potential for puns) in my

Thanks for any help.

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