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On 04 Nov 2010 08:17:10 GMT
Seebs <usenet-nospam at> wrote:
> Outside of people who seem to be deeply emotionally invested in insisting
> that it is never, at all, in ANY way, for ANY person, annoying, it seems
> to be pretty consistent to observe that, benefits or no benefits, it has
> some kind of non-zero annoyance value.

Who are these people that believe that no one finds indentation as
syntax annoying?  I haven't seen any evidence in this group.  Let's
leave the straw men out of this.  Many of us don't find it annoying
ourselves, that's for sure but we aren't trying to read anyone else's
mind.  We're all pretty sure that *you* find it annoying but there is
no telepathy involved there.

> * Not having to type braces:  Yay!

Which I always found annoying given that I was already adding signals
(indentation) that I was starting a block.

> * Having structure map to functionality:  Some people quite like it, and

Some of us think that it is a contender for the single greatest thing
about Python.

> * Not being able to write an auto-indenter, ever, because it is by
>   design theoretically impossible:  Annoying.

Right.  And in C you can never write an auto-bracer for exactly the
same reason.

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