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Thu Nov 4 18:32:21 CET 2010

On 04/11/2010 16:49, Mark Wooding wrote:
> Seebs<usenet-nospam at>  writes:
>> Python's the only language I use where an obvious flaw, which is
>> repeatedly observed by everyone I know who uses the language, is
>> militantly and stridently defended by dismissing, insulting, and
>> attacking the character and motives of anyone who suggests that it
>> might be a bit of a nuisance.
> So you've not tried Lisp, then?  Dissing Lisp's parentheses tends to get
> a pretty similar reaction.
> My observations on this general discussion.
>    * Python is far from unique in its use of significant whitespace.
>      Miranda was inferring program structure from indentation in 1985.
>      Haskell and F# are more modern examples.
occam was doing it in 1983.

>    * I don't have many problems with tools trashing whitespace in Python
>      programs, though I have seen web forum software mangling
>      indentation; since this makes nontrivial chunks of almost any
>      programming language illegible, I'm more than willing to blame the
>      forum software for this.  I haven't personally seen indentation
>      trashed by email software, for example (though I steer well clear of
>      people who try to send me HTML mail).
If you don't use <pre> ... </pre> or some such then any programming
language is going to look bad!


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