Ways of accessing this mailing list?

Mark Wooding mdw at distorted.org.uk
Thu Nov 4 20:57:39 CET 2010

John Bond <lists at asd-group.com> writes:

> Hope this isn't too O/T - I was just wondering how people read/send to
> this mailing list, eg. normal email client, gmane, some other software
> or online service?
> My normal inbox is getting unmanageable, and I think I need to find a
> new way of following this and other lists.

I read and post to it as comp.lang.python.  I maintain a local NNTP
server, which interacts with my ISP's news server.  I read and post news
(and mail) using GNU Emacs and Gnus.

(Interestingly, if enormous folders are your problem, Gnus can apply
news-like expiry rules to email folders.)

-- [mdw]

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