Passing File Objects into Subprocess.Popen

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Nov 5 00:59:21 CET 2010

Am 04.11.2010 23:49, schrieb Brandon Harris:
>   What do you mean by rewind the file pointer before reading from it? 
> Seek back to the beginning? And It sounded very unlikely to me too, but 
> it's the only thing I have found that explains why a very verbose job 
> with tons of feedback locks up at the same point and won't process at all.

Look at a file handler like an old style magnetic tape. You just have
recorded your favorite song from radio onto a tape. What do you have to
do in order to listen to the song again? Press play? No, you have to
rewind first.

The MP3 generation will never understand the hard work of a mix tape
created recorded from radio broadcasts. ;)


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