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Fri Nov 5 00:58:45 CET 2010

Tim Harig <usernet at> writes:

> On 2010-11-04, Mark Wooding <mdw at> wrote:
> > Tim Harig <usernet at> writes:
> >> Actually, the left arrow key does not work at all intuitively. One
> >> would expect that it should go back to the previous page as it
> >> would in lynx, etc. It does not.
> >
> > It moves the cursor so you can hit links.  The l key takes you back
> > through your recent viewing history -- and has done for thirty years.
> As I said, that is probably intuitive for Emacs users; but, not all
> *nix users are Emacs users. To those of us that are not, the info
> interface seems quite alien.

You might make more headway in this discussion if you avoided conflating
“intuitive” (no computer UI is intuitive) with “familiar” (which is
relative to each user).

As has been noted before, there is no intuitive interface except the
nipple. Everything else is not intuitive, but must be learned.

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