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On 2010-11-05, D'Arcy J.M. Cain <darcy at> wrote:
> The simple fact is that the combination of your tools and Python is
> broken.  The combination of my tools and Python is not.  That's lucky
> for me since I really, really like IAS.  That's unlucky for people who
> have to work with tools that mangle code.  But don't crusade to change
> my language.  Use Perl or C or even pybraces.

No one is crusading to change Python, or even suggesting that it should
be changed.

> I am offering no solutions.  Why would I since I don't see a problem?

One of the things many people try to do is develop the ability to "see"
problems that affect other people but possibly not themselves.  This allows
people to offer solutions to those problems, which is often viewed as
a kind of contribution to a community.  Certainly, it's more useful than
posting nothing more than "that's not a problem for me."

I can just see how well this attitude must work in other circumstances:
	Some Guy:  Oh, *!@#.  I think I just sprained my ankle.

	Darcy:  I didn't.

	Some Guy:  I don't think I can walk up these stairs.

	Darcy:  I don't have a problem with stairs.  Stop trying to
	change this path.  It works fine.

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