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Sat Nov 6 05:21:44 CET 2010

On 2010-11-06, Philip Semanchuk <philip at> wrote:
> The former refers to something that programmers would use to learn
>the language once they've gone through the tutorial a few times.
>The latter is great for writing a Python parser but isn't the
>friendliest guide to language constructs.

That sounds, then, like it's not very well written, even for language

> It seems that plowing through a document written for language
>lawyers is the only formal way to learn about those language features,
>and that could be improved upon IMO.

It sounds to me like it could be improved on, but I don't think the
problem is "written for language lawyers", but "not very well done".
If you do a good job of writing something useful to language lawyers,
any programmer should be able to look things up in it.

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