Silly newbie question - Carrot character (^)

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sat Nov 6 21:41:33 CET 2010

On Nov 5, 5:51 pm, Seebs <usenet-nos... at> wrote:
> On 2010-11-05, Nobody <nob... at> wrote:
> > However, it's still written for language lawyers.
> > IMHO, the lack of a reference manual for the language itself is a major
> > hole in Python's documentation.
> I'm a bit lost here.  Could you highlight some of the differences
> between "a reference manual for the language itself" and "something
> written for language lawyers"?

In a word HUMOR! Obviously the commentator who has a lack of the
hidden meaning of "language lawyers" has no sense of humor -- sadly
another lost virtue of the French!

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