Silly newbie question - Carrot character (^)

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On 2010-11-06, rantingrick <rantingrick at> wrote:
> On Nov 5, 5:51?pm, Seebs <usenet-nos... at> wrote:
>> I'm a bit lost here. ?Could you highlight some of the differences
>> between "a reference manual for the language itself" and "something
>> written for language lawyers"?

> In a word HUMOR!


> Obviously the commentator who has a lack of the
> hidden meaning of "language lawyers" has no sense of humor -- sadly
> another lost virtue of the French!

It is a shame that there was a guy standing behind you with a gun preventing
you from explaining what the alleged hidden meaning was, so all you could do
is allude to it without explaining it.

Maybe later you can get away from your captors and post an explanation
of what the "hidden meaning" is, in your eyes?

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