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Sat Nov 6 21:52:17 CET 2010

On 11/6/2010 10:45 AM, D'Arcy J.M. Cain wrote:
>> I realize that the Python Foundation doesn't have infinite resources
>> > to work with, so maybe they'd love to create & maintain a more readable
>> > language reference if they had time/money/people. I don't hear anyone
>> > talk about it, though. 

While that isn't a current priority it certainly seems like a worthy
goal to me. But the Python Software Foundation is people, and we
certainly don't have the resources to simply enter into a contract with
an organization to produce "a more readable language reference" -
whether those resources are time, money or people (which can tend to
become indistinguishable when planning is underway).

We would love for Python's documentation to be even better, but the last
major change in the documentation (the dropping of LATEX as the source
language and the switch to Sphinx) was largely a result of one person
(Georg Brandl) scratching an itch. Maybe a more readable language
reference will come about the same way ...

> Lots of people talk.  Action, not so much.  How about you?  Are you
> ready to start writing a new reference manual?  How about just that one
> section on operators that's missing from the tutorial.
That ought to be quite a manageable project.

> Remember, Python is "we," not "they."

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