subclassing str

not1xor1 (Alessandro) " " at
Sun Nov 7 06:43:48 CET 2010


I'd like to know what is the best way to subclass str
I need to add some new methods and that each method (both new and str 
ones) return my new type

For instance I've seen I can do:

class mystr(str):

    def between(self, start, end):
       i = self.index(start) + len(start)
       j = self.index(end, i) + len(end)
       return self[i:j], self[j:]

    def replace(self, old, new='', count=-1):
       return mystr(str.replace(self, old, new, count))

if __name__ == '__main__':

    s = mystr('one two <three> four')
    print s
    print type(s)
    b,r = s.between('<', '>')
    print b
    print r
    print type(b)
    print type(r)
    c = s.replace('three', 'five')
    print c
    print type(c)

when I ran it I get:

one two <three> four
<class '__main__.mystr'>
<type 'str'>
<type 'str'>
one two <five> four
<class '__main__.mystr'>

I guess that if I had redefined the slice method even 'between' would 
have returned <class '__main__.mystr'>

I wonder if I have to redefine all methods one by one or if there is a 
sort of hook to intercept all methods calls and just change the return 



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