*** FBI gets a warm welcome in Chicago for their EXCELLENT performance - cheers to NEW CONS ***

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> > *** FBI gets a warm welcome in Chicago for their EXCELLENT performance
> > - cheers to NEW CONS ***
> Oh geez.  Just when we've beaten back the infix hordes, someone comes up
> and suggests replacing CONS with something, new different and most
> likely inferior.
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 Little-Known 9/11 Truth Organization Strikes Gold in Court Action
Against NIST, Unearths Striking Video/Photo WTC Evidence
Written by Eli Rika
Saturday, 06 November 2010

Over the last century, the most astounding historical discoveries of
man-made artifacts have often been accomplished by well-funded, highly
experienced researchers. From the excavation of King Tut’s tomb to the
sighting of the sunken Titanic, stunning finds have required immense
financial and human resources, as well as the leadership by
distinguished. So, how did a mountain of never-before-seen footage
used in NIST’s World Trade Center investigations get exposed to the
light of day last month? Was it the work of a billionaire adventurer?
Not quite. You can thank an upstart non-profit, the International
Center for 9/11 Studies, whose efforts have at last borne fruit.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies was founded in 2008 by
Director James Gourley, a Texas lawyer who began questioning the
events of 9/11 after watching a presentation given by David Ray
Griffin on C-SPAN.

“I was just floored by what I was hearing,” Gourley explained, “and
I’ve been looking into 9/11 ever since then.

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