suds: how to set proxy?

Johann Spies johann.spies at
Mon Nov 8 08:47:31 CET 2010

According to the suds documentation I can set the proxy setting like this:

d = dict(http='host:80', https='host:443', ...)

My problem is that you can only do that after 'client' was initiated like this:

client = Client(url)

And I need the proxy to reach the url.

I have tried the following ending in a SYN_SENT each time - ignoring
the proxy settings:

proxy = dict(http='', https='')

url = 'url_of_wdsl'
t = HttpAuthenticated()
client = Client(url, proxy = proxy, transport = t,
username='myusername', password='pw')


url = 'url_of_wdsl'
t = HttpAuthenticated()
client = Client(url, transport = t, username='myusername', password='pw')

So how do I get suds to respect the proxy setting?

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