Intel C Compiler

Drake cjdrake at
Mon Nov 8 20:37:10 CET 2010


I'm an engineer who has access to the Intel C/C++ compiler (icc), and
for the heck of it I compiled Python2.7 with it.

Unsurprisingly, it compiled fine and functions correctly as far as I
know. However, I was interested to discover that the icc compile
printed literally thousands of various warnings and remarks.

Parser/node.c(13): remark #2259: non-pointer conversion from "int" to
"short" may lose significant bits
      n->n_type = type;

Parser/metagrammar.c(156): warning #1418: external function definition
with no prior declaration

I was just wondering if anyone from the Python development team uses
icc, or finds any value in the icc compilation info. Similarly, I
would be interested to know if they use icc for benchmarking
comparisons (yes, I know that Intel has been accused of crippling amd
processors so let's not have a flame war please).


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